Year 2020 for Pakistan & the world – Yasmeen Aftab Ali


COVID 19 has completely changed life as we knew it for people world over. Of course since stupidity has no bounds, millions held protests against lockdowns, refused to wear masks and endangered not only themselves, but through them their loved ones. The disease saw industries closing, smaller enterprises go out of work, more and more people being laid off from work, educational institutions and organizations moving online- in short lives in decades to comes stands radically changed.

As COVID 19 vaccine starts rolling out, one would like to know Pakistan government’s policy is [if there exists one] not only on its procurement but also the cost per vaccine & will it be affordable for the masses or like everything else, it is for elite alone?

For countries like Pakistan the virus was a Godsend excuse to use as a cloak to hide behind resulting from lack of policies to provide easement to the common man, boost industries and production, bolster jobs and develop sound economic policies. Crushed under the weight of soaring inflation, the government has decided to hike power tariff by 25-30 percent. This means a direct impact of cost of all goods & services, putting tremendous pressure on middle class &

below, putting a squeeze on consumer buying power which in return will put more production houses out of business in turn having more jobless. In turn having even lesser consumer buying power. How this will affect the law & order is a subject in itself. ‘Reportedly this hike is a bid to fulfill the IMF condition.’ [Dawn News December 23, 2020] The scope of pressures at hand for the world reflects the scope of tasks lying ahead.