Yasir Nawaz is stepping into the food business


Just like the wife Nida Yasir, Director and actor Yasir Nawaz is stepping into the business with the upcoming launch of a new restaurant, The Forest.

“I’ve had an idea and desire to open a restaurant for a long time but never had the courage to enter the business. I love food and eating, and I made the decision to open a restaurant,” shared the Wrong No. director.

“To tell the truth, I don’t work a lot these days when it comes to acting, production and directing and wanted to open a business. I’ve never done anything like this before. I contacted a friend and artist who’s already in the food business and asked him for advice on how to open and run a restaurant. He was looking to expand and so we partnered up to open one up on the Clifton side [of Karachi]. That’s how it all started out.”

The restaurant’s main focus will be desi food.

“In Pakistan, the most popular foods to eat out are BBQ, karahi and so on; see Kolachi or BBQ Tonight for reference. We’ll be serving continental too but our main focus will be desi foods like karahi, daal makhani, and so on,” he revealed.

“Our biggest priority is taste, so we’ve got several specialized chefs and had them audition before bringing them onboard, and we’ve chosen a soothing and romantic ambiance with old trees. We hope people will like it.”

Admitting that he’s stepping into uncharted waters, Nawaz says he’s having fun with it though.

“The food business is competitive and a completely different world compared to film. I’ve really enjoyed the experience and getting to know its different sides.”