Yasir Hussain, Anoushey Ashref war of words intensifies


Actor Yasir Hussain once again landed himself in controversy when he branded actors of the popular Turkish drama serial Ertugrul “trash”.
In a post on Instagram, Yasir Hussain shared a picture of local actors dressed as foreign stars and wrote “No one’s going to give them the same importance because self possessions are undermined and undervalued; while others seem better.”

Anoushey Ashref left a scathing comment under the post, reminding Yasir that “No one is kachra for one”, asking that actors from around the world be respected even if their work is not up to par with Yasir’s standards.

“Ertugrul is far from kachra,” she emphasized adding that the serial is an eye opener for how “people are rejecting ‘kachra’ work at home”.

Yasir Hussain reacted by asking Anoushey to “calm down”. He then veered off into a long note that said that local goods are considered garbage. “You have spoken English all your life and played English songs in your show so it will be a bit difficult to make you understand,” he told the actress.

He ended the note by asking Anoushey to “chill and not link everything to Ertugrul.”