Xulfi is the best choice to take ‘Coke Studio’ forward: Rohail Hyatt


Last week, maestro Rohail Hyatt confirmed him stepping down from Coke Studio as its producer. The former Vital Signs bandmate announced his exit on Twitter while responding to a query posed by a fan.

When asked if Hyatt became active on social media after taking a break from CS, he replied, “I am sure CS is being planned but not by me,” adding, “Social media is a great place to figure out if one is neutral or biased in any way. I am using it as a tool to measure my own imbalances. Seems to be working well for me.”

Previously, when The Express Tribune reached out to Hyatt, he confirmed that he is indeed stepping down as the producer of the show. While he may not be producing the show anymore, the rumour mill was rife with him still being associated with it in a less direct capacity. As Strings announces to call it quits as a band, fans are now wondering who will now run the show.