Would you do your own makeup for your wedding? Naimal Khawar did


We all know that Naimal Khawar wore her mom’s bridal outfit for her nikkah to Hamza Ali Abbasi but did you know that she also did her own makeup?

In an Instagram post, the former actor revealed that she got ready without the help of a hair stylist or makeup artist.

“I did my own hair and makeup because I wanted to keep it simple and minimal. Your wedding day is supposed to be a happy day that you can truly enjoy. It’s okay if you don’t to wear the heaviest jewellery and would rather keep it a little light. Your comfort and happiness is the most important thing!” she wrote.

Also talking a bit about nikkah ensemble, she said, “The moment I realised I’m getting married, I knew I wanted to wear my Amma’s nikkah jora. I have always been drawn to old world charm and the nazakat of bridal joras back in the day. There is also a certain emotional attachment that comes with wearing you mother’s jora.”

She gave the designer who helped her revamp the outfit a shout-out: “Maheen Shah helped me alter it exactly the way I wanted it, preserving its delicacy and purity but also creating something that looks good on me. Having worn it, I can say it was easily the best decision I made.”