Woman selling cows at the cattle market In Karachi


A Karachi woman is breaking stereotypes by selling sacrificial cows for this year’s Eid-ul-Azha.

If you visit the cattle market along the Super Highway, you can find Ayesha Ghani and all her 24 cows at a stall.

From checking their teeth to cleaning them, Ghani does everything herself for her animals. She had brought 36 cows and has sold 12 so far.

The animals were raised at a village and Ghani then brought to the market. She is also a gym instructor and sometimes teaches people to ride bicycles too.

“I’ve been an animal lover since childhood and this year, I thought I’ll change things around for the women and children who usually feel uncomfortable and scared while visiting the cattle market,” Ghani said on SAMAA TV morning show Naya Din.

The most expensive cow at her stall costs over Rs530,000 and has yet to be sold.