What we could expect from iPhones 2020


Apple’s annual developers conference WWDC is set for June 22 and due to the coronavirus pandemic, the event will be all virtual this year. While we don’t expect big iPhone launches, Apple’s recent release of the iPhone SE for 2020 shows that the company is still continuing to introduce new products. This may indicate that the upcoming iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Max — Apple has not confirmed the names of the phones, but we’ll go with those for now — are still on schedule for the fall.

When exactly during the fall is the question. Though we usually see new flagship iPhones in September, recent reports say that Apple may delay the iPhone 11 sequels. This is understandable with the iPhone 12 sailing into unknown water. The COVID-19 outbreak forced Apple to close its US retail stores indefinitely and all its stores outside China. Suppliers in China have also shut down or are operating on limited capacity, which may impact not only inventory in September but sales, too.

Despite such disruptions, rumors continue to swirl around the iPhone 12 phones, which we imagine will continue until they officially launch. In addition to maybe introducing 3D depth-sensing to its rear cameras and new screen sizes, speculation has arisen that Apple will belatedly include a feature in the iPhone that would make it competitive with its competitors: 5G. This makes sense considering its main rival, Samsung, launched several 5G phones this year, including the high-end Galaxy S20 phones and the more budget Galaxy A series of handsets.

Until any of that happens though, check back often as we will continue to update it with the most probable and compelling rumors.

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