Waitress Shocked After Getting $2,020 As Part Of #2020TipChallenge


The 2020 tip challenge is the latest Internet trend that is taking social media by storm. According to CNN, the only stipulation of the 2020 tipping challenge is to keep the year in the total amount while tipping servers at restaurants after a meal. The challenge has resulted in a number of happy stories and grateful servers, and one of the best stories to emerge from this challenge features Donnie Wahlberg.
According to Today, the American singer and actor took part in the 2020 tip challenge by leaving a whopping $2,020 (approximately Rs 1.4 lakh) as tip for his waitress. Donnie Wahlberg left the $2,020 tip on a bill of $23 at an IHOP outlet in St Charles, Illinois, sometime in the final days of 2019.

Mr Wahlberg’s act of kindness left his waitress, Danielle Franzoni, delighted. A recovering addict, she had been living in a homeless shelter, and the money has allowed her to move into her own home.

“Things like this don’t happen to people like me,” Ms Franzoni said to Alpena Times. “I’m gonna build a future because of this. My kids have a future, and I have a home. It’s a really big deal.”

Ms Franzoni plans to use some part of the tip to get her driver’s license back and save the rest.

A picture of the receipt with the tip was shared on Twitter by Mr Wahlberg’s wife, Jenny McCarthy.The 2020 tip challenge is similar to 2018’s ‘tip the bill’ challenge, where patrons were encouraged to leave a 100% tip to surprise their servers.

A number of heartwarming posts shared online show customers leaving generous tips for their servers to take part in the 2020 tipping challenge.