Umair Jaswal hits the road for a web-series directed by Zeeshan Parwez


A journey is never the last option, but it fails to become a priority for many. Exploring oneself is a term for the books as people strive to meet the daily goals of their lives in the bustling cities that run them. ‘Targets’ they call it, and every day is spent in meeting a target – the almost insignificant impact of which lasts them another day.

But what about life-altering moments, interactions, journeys, can anyone afford that anymore? Is it rational to just escape?

Popular singer Umair Jaswal has proven that it is not just rational, but obligatory for anyone who can. Like a pilgrim on a journey to find his epicentre, his Mecca, Jaswal left home on a bike to travel across Pakistan, only to end up losing himself in the glory that changed his perspective for life.