two children fighting for life in a locked car in Saudi Arabia goes viral


Saudi authorities have launched an investigation into a video making rounds on social media, showing two children locked in a parked car under the sun.

The shocking footage was filmed by an unknown person who happened to pass by the vehicle and saw, a three-year-old boy and his five-year-old sister while they are held inside a car for a long time.

The children were later identified as Wa’el and his sister Jawaher.

The anonymous rescuer continued to film the two children when they finally got off the car and seemed extremely exhausted. They had difficulty breathing and collapsed on the ground. They then started crying and the girl started to vomit, having endured the high summer temperature for too long.

The video, which also shows them heading towards their home near the location where they were stuck inside the car, was widely circulated on social media amid requests to investigate the incident and hold their parents accountable.