Twitter promises to fine-tune its 5G coronavirus labeling after unrelated tweets were flagged


Twitter has said that it’s engaged on enhancing the way it labels tweets with problematic 5G or coronavirus content material, after customers reported their tweets have been being mislabeled with a COVID-19 fact-check.

“In the previous few weeks, you could have seen Tweets with labels linking to additional information about COVID-19,” Twitter Support tweeted. “Not all of these Tweets had doubtlessly deceptive content material associating COVID-19 and 5G.”

Twitter started fact-checking tweets that linked 5G and the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this month, by including the label that reads “get the information about COVID-19” which hyperlinks to a Twitter moment with “No, 5G isn’t inflicting coronavirus” as its title. A part of a conspiracy concept that has been broadly debunked instructed that the unfold of the coronavirus was in some way linked to the set up of recent 5G cell networks.