Turning over in his grave! ( part II)- Ikram Sehgal


The Sharif family is attempting desperately to escape being held accountable for the unaccounted-for money they have stolen and whitewashed, and the properties they have acquired abroad especially in UK. To forestall the investigation against their money laundering, they are utilizing Nawaz League loyalists, allowing themselves to be used, they are as much culpable as accessories. Everyone and his uncle know that the family agenda and the PDM agenda differ totally in their objectives. That is,they did not allow Nawaz Sharif to address the PDM rally in Karachi. By being vocal against the Army and the Judiciary, convicted criminal Nawaz Sharif wants to get “political asylum”,attempting to influence theBritish authorities that if he is deported to Pakistan because of his “anti-Army speeches”, the Army will act against him. The other members of the PDM have some genuine grievances, these been effectively derailed by Safdar’s derogatory antics in the Quaid’s mausoleum which has led to this “mutiny” situation among the Sindh Police hierarchy.