Thoda Sa Aasman | Episode 1


Thoda Sa Aasman written by Umera Ahmed is very famous novel. As Umera Ahmed has wrote many novels but this is the masterpiece written by her. Thoda Sa Aasman is the story of our society about which some of the time we came to know but sometimes it is far from us. Umera Ahmed very beautifully expressed the feeling, emotions, and tragedies in the story. The drama is about money, values, relationships, status and most important the lust of human being which never breaks down. The main characters in this serial are Haroon Kamal, Mansoor Ahmed, Ambar, Sibga, Shaheer and others. Haroon Kamal was a business tycoon who married to his cousin but both families were different and due to this they got court marriage. Relationship of man and woman freely acceptable by the society but it is true that it is not in such modern era to have these kinds of relationships and relations without marriages.

Cast: Yasra Rizvi, Zeba Bukhtiyar, Ushna Shah, Babar Ali and others

Written by: Umera Ahmed

Directed by: Nadeem Siddiqui

Produced by: Mastermind