The US Presidential Elections 2020- Ikram Sehgal


Ten days before the Elections in 2016 Hilary Clinton was leading most election forecasts, for all practical purposesTrump had already lost. Howevera forecast is a forecast only and nothing more; an election is only decided on Election Day, everyonecan make up or change his/her mind right in front of the ballot box.One of my best friends, late Frank Neuman, kept on telling me for months that Trump would win.

Because the Midwest states had gone “Democrat” for decades, Hilary Clinton took them for granted. Black and working-class white voters, particularly the ones without college education who supported the Democrats, deserted the party in droves. For them Mrs. Clinton represented the coastal elite who had grown rich without ever fulfilling their election promises regarding jobs, medical insurance and whatever else had been there was frustrating, the current model of politics had clearly outrun its utility and creditability. With rural voters turning out in high numbers, Americans who felt overlooked by the establishment and left behind by the coastal elite made their voices heard.Notwithstanding he lost the actual vote count by almost 2 million votes, The electoral votes of the mid-West states tipped the balance in favour of Republican Trumpin 2020, he has stuck to his 2016 game plan.