The right direction- Dr Ramesh Kumar


On the occasion of Pakistan Day Parade, our political and military leaderships could be seen together with a commitment to protect and defend our beloved country. The active participation of friendly countries has proven that Pakistan is not isolated on the diplomatic front. A strong message has also been given to anti-state elements through holding the parade successfully.

A big breaking news is the goodwill letter from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to PM Imran Khan. In his letter, the Indian prime minister, while congratulating the people of Pakistan, said that: “As a neighbouring country, India desires cordial relations with the people of Pakistan.” The Indian PM also conveyed his best wishes to PM Imran Khan and the people of Pakistan in tackling the challenges amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

A few days ago, PM Modi also tweeted his best wishes for Prime Minister Imran Khan who is recovering from the coronavirus. Taking advantage of the confrontation between two important countries of South Asia, some extremist elements from both sides have been trying to serve their vested interests. However, recently there have been some positive developments that have once again raised hopes for peace and stability in the region.

Last month, the military leaderships of Pakistan and India, in a joint statement, had announced a ceasefire at the Line of Control. Recently, COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa delivered a wonderful address which has been hailed as historic in all aspects. According to the COAS, unsettled disputes among India and Pakistan are dragging the entire region back to poverty and instability.

The army chief also presented the geo-economic vision based on four core pillars. First, moving towards a lasting and enduring peace within and outside. Second, non-interference of any kind in the internal affairs of our neighbouring and regional countries. Third, boosting intra-regional trade and connectivity, and finally, bringing sustainable development and prosperity by establishing investment and economic hubs within the region.

Pakistan’s commitment to regional peace has also mobilized the international community. Bloomberg, in its latest report, claimed that the UAE has played a conciliatory role in bringing Pakistan and India closer. According to the magazine, Emirati Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed convinced his Indian counterpart during his visit to New Delhi to understand the geo-strategic significance of Pakistan in the region. Similarly, Saudi Arabia is also trying to reduce tensions between Pakistan and India.

Reportedly, Pakistan and India will likely deploy their diplomatic staff in New Delhi and Islamabad in the first phase to restore trust. In the next phase, bilateral dialogue will be initiated on trade and people-to-people contacts, and finally, work will start on resolving the Kashmir dispute amicably. As per my knowledge, a cricket series between India and Pakistan is also in the pipeline to be organized very soon.

During my last visit to India, I expressed my views on every forum that peace is in the best interest of both countries. Even today I am committed to play my due role in bringing the people of both countries closer. Peace-loving citizens in both the countries should come forward.