The Reporters | 17 July 2017


Arif Hameed Bhatti Senior Journalist and Sabir Shakir Ary News in fresh episode of The Reporters on Ary News and talk with Sami Ibrahim.


  1. I have seen billboard at the road side stating Nawaz shareef Ka aik ishara Hazar hy Lahoo Hamara!. Strange help for old week loin as all knows when the loin is injured or too week to run behind prey then it becomes AAdam KHOR. It is possible that they[loyal] felt as that now the LOIN will be unable to make for food so they are presenting themselves. great offer, now Loin will be comfortable to know that He will not face food shortage due to his personal disability as one by one his loyal are offering self sacrifice. Please don’t forget to make a list that who will be the prime group to be sacrificed and will be given priority. The kitchen cabinet?


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