The first 100 days – Dr Ramesh Kumar


The first 100 days are considered to be very significant for every newly elected government. In these initial days, governments used to devise policies in order to fulfil the promises made to the people under its election manifesto.

Historically, the concept of the first 100 days to determine the initial performance of governments was first introduced by Franklin D Roosevelt in March 1933, when he was sworn in as the 32nd president of the United States. In his first presidential address, he pointed out that the newly elected government needed to work very hard to get the American people out of the crisis, after which special sessions of Congress were called for the next three months. After the competition of his first 100 days of the US presidency in June 1933, it was set as a benchmark for every new democratic government around the world.

The first 100 days of the Biden Administration are significant in the term that former US president Donald Trump made a number of controversial decisions during his tenure resulting in his electoral defeat.

Biden, on the other hand, succeeded to emerge as a new ray of hope for the people of the US. According to polls, the majority of Americans consider Biden’s performance in the first 100 days to be better than that of the former US president.

The US tops the list of countries severely affected by the pandemic. However, Biden’s goal of 100 million coronavirus vaccinations was successfully achieved before the 100-day deadline. According to latest reports, Americans are rapidly returning to normal life and Covid-19 cases have been largely contained.

The Covid-19 crisis had hit the US economy hard under Trump’s tenure, but the current US president’s economic policies have not only helped the sinking US economy, but have also significantly reduced the unemployment rate.

The Biden Administration has lifted the ban on several Muslim and African nationals who were forbidden by the Trump administration from entering the US. President Biden has also termed the construction of a controversial wall on the Mexican border a waste of resources and money, urging his team to introduce immigration laws and policies on humanitarian grounds.

Trump had separated the US from the Paris climate agreement, which raised concerns in the international community, including the European Union. However, the Biden Administration not only rejoined the Paris climate agreement on a priority basis, but has played a leading role during the recently held virtual summit on climate change.

Today, the United States’ diplomatic relations with other Western countries, including the European Union, are moving in a new direction. President Biden also initiated contact with his Chinese counterpart to extend a hand of cooperation. There is some bitterness in the case of former superpower Russia, but it is hoped that the two countries will soon be able to resolve their concerns at the dialogue table. Similarly, bilateral ties with Iran were strained under the Trump administration, but Biden has hinted at rejoining the Iran Nuclear Deal.

In my view, President Joe Biden, with great prudence, wisdom and foresight, is striving in the right direction to let the United States take back its lost world status. He has set the priorities to serve the well-being of the American people, and the beginning of cordial relations with the international community. Biden has also been criticized for some of his actions, but he has proven that the best response to criticism in a democratic system of government can be delivered with a good performance.

Biden’s first 100 days are an example for every elected government in the world. The lesson is to be realistic when setting goals for the first 100 days and then work hard to achieve them. In this regard, the right person at the right place also matters for efficient and effective team-making in the best interests of the country.