The curious case of ‘4m fake’ CNICs


On July 16, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Mohammad Khan categorically denied and refuted the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)’s claim that National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) had issued three-to-four million fake CNICs while responding to a calling attention notice in the upper house of the parliament.

The parliamentary affairs minister, while questioning the findings of FIA Sindh Director Amir Farooqi, had said on the floor of the house that either Farooqi “misunderstood” the figures or the “source that had provided it was wrong”.

Khan said that government has issued 2,965,535 CNICs since 2018 and it falls short of four million figure, adding the statement was irresponsible and appeared to be a slip of the tongue. “I don’t know how a responsible individual can say this,” he wondered.

Now, sources in the FIA have told The Express Tribune that the report regarding corruption in NADRA enabling local and foreign militants to get Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC) with the involvement of NADRA officials for monetary and other gains had come from the Ministry of Interior (MOI) itself.

“Report had come from MOI itself,” a high-up source in FIA revealed when asked how they see the minister’s reaction to the findings. Background discussion with sources in FIA, which is under the control of the interior ministry, revealed that it was surprising to see the minister questioning the government’s prepared report.