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Politics of alliances and PDM By Syed Akhtar Ali Shah

The print, electronic and social media are engaged in an emotive discussion, pro and contra, over the formation and motives of the Pakistan Democratic...

After the speech By Fahd Husain

The fourth part compensated for the first three ones. The speech left a good impact. Not bad for a leader’s first appearance at the...

Weapons of mass influence By Fahd Husain

Where are the adults when you need them? This week the government came up with yet another harebrained scheme: media tribunals. The tale goes that...

Can we play Modi’s full toss By Fahd Husain

Pakistan really needs to up its game. An unprecedented situation has been unfolding in slow motion in our neighbourhood for the last month. Indian Prime...

We have options on Kashmir By Fahd Husain

There is a general lament in Pakistan that there isn’t much we can do to respond to India’s re-occupation of Kashmir. Officials, experts and...

Fiery flames of fashionable fury By Fahd Husain

Outrage can make you comfortably numb and conveniently dumb. Case in point: us. It has been three weeks since India re-annexed Occupied Kashmir. In these...