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Muslims in danger – Humayun Gauhar

I am going out on a limb here. I told you last week that the events in Afghanistan and the Taliban takeover were fore...

Reality of the Doha deal – Humayun Gauhar

I am surprised by how many people the world over are falling for this US and Western media nonsense that the Taliban thrashed the...

Age of ignorance – Humayun Gauhar

This truly is the age of ignorance. Rarely does one see even a smidgeon of wisdom. It certainly is the best of times for...

America defeated – yet again – Humayun Gauhar

The Taliban victory in Afghanistan was an event foretold. Everyone with a modicum of sense was saying that this was inevitable; only they didn’t...

Where are we going? Humayun Gauhar

So much is going on in and around Pakistan that it is difficult to choose any one subject on which to write. There is unmitigated...