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Terms for peace – Sherry Rehman

As Pakistan lurches through its worst wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, talk of peace with India fuels a fresh round of speculation about...

The forgotten people – Sherry Rehman

For Kashmiris, a string of black days punctuate the twilight of daily state atrocities that now define their lives. August 5, 2019 is only...

Pakistan and the new great game – Sherry Rehman

As the China-India conflict in the Himalayas blows hot and blows cold, Islamabad’s studied reticence has so far only signaled quiet alarm. While both...

Will the pandemic bring peace? – Sherry Rehman

A global pandemic that moves with lightning speed to spread its deadly payload across borders, communities and class, demands a reconsideration at many levels....

Womansplaining rights – Sherry Rehman

As women celebrate their womanhood on March 8, and bond in solidarity to define the rights to their lives and choices, many people in...