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Sarah Khan and Noor Zafar Khan cutest Video

Sarah Khan and Noor Zafar Khan Cutest Funny Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66ReCE7-9tk

Sarah Khan, Maya Ali, Aiman Khan Steal The Show In Black

Leading ladies of Pakistan’s showbiz industry are popular for their gorgeous and glamorous looks at the same time when they wear black. Black is a...

Actress Sarah Khan and singer Falak Shabbir just got engaged

Prominent actor Sarah Khan took to social media and hinted at getting engaged, taking her fans by surprise. Turning to Instagram, the starlet shared a...

Sarah Khan criticises Khalilur Rehman

Actress Sarah Khan has also come forward and shared her stance on Khalilur Rehman’s derogatory remarks. Taking to her Instagram story she shared, “This...