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Democracy (Pvt) Ltd – Saad Rasool

The veneer of democracy, within our ‘democratic’ parties, is gradually (but surely) being demolished by a new generation of hereditary leaders across the...

For what sin was she killed? – Saad Rasool

There is no way to put into words the grief, horror and anger that people of Pakistan feel at the indescribable rape of...

The Indo-Pacific theatre – Saad Rasool

The Cold War between China and the United States is being ‘fought’ at multiple fronts—in the South China Sea, in parts of the Middle...

A betrayal of the Palestinian people?- Saad Rasool

In a move that has jolted Middle East’s geopolitics, on August 13, 2020, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) decided to ‘recognise’ the State of...

The undoing of ‘incredible India’ – Saad Rasool

One year on from Modi’s revocation of Article 370—resulting in the illegal annexation of Kashmir and the imposition of a draconian curfew across the...

Arshad Malik: an opportunity for reform? – Saad Rasool

On Friday, the Administrative Committee of the honourable Lahore High Court—consisting of the seven senior most judges, headed by the Chief Justice—dismissed the infamous...