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A rotten system – Raoof Hasan

If I had any faith left in the system, it has been effectively busted by the stink generated during the Senate election. If...

No shame – Raoof Hasan

With old liars who have been acting all their lives, there are moments when they enter so completely into their part that they...

Animated suspension – Raoof Hasan

The path to a productive political discourse in the country has all but stalled. There are multiple factors which have contributed to this...

Resurrecting Pakistan – Raoof Hasan

Going by the raging controversy regarding who is corrupt and who is not, mostly along partisan lines, one gathers a distinct impression that...

Ghettos of the mind – Raoof Hasan

The mind is a vast reservoir of boundless creativity. It encapsulates ideas and images which shape a person. It is laced with dreams and...