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54-year-old man dies after eating bags of candy for weeks

A Massachusetts construction worker’s love of black licorice wound up costing him his life. Eating a bag and a half every day for...

Two pythons weighing 100 pounds collapse ceiling in Australia

An Australian returned home and was surprised to discover that his kitchen ceiling had collapsed under the weight of two large pythons apparently fighting...

Parents left speechless as 10-week-old baby repeats ‘I love you’

A 10-week-old infant has amazed his parents after repeating ‘I love you’ next to mother as so the viewers of the viral clip. The...

Mutant goat born without nose baffles villagers

A mutant goat born without nose but a pair of eyes in its mouth has baffled the villagers in India as they rushed to...

Mother digs tunnel to free convicted son from prison

Truth is stranger than fiction and proving that could be a Ukrainian mother who dug her son a 35-feet-long undergound tunnel to assist him...