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Father and son shot dead over a goat

A minor dispute with a neighbour over a goat resulted in the death of a father and son in a village in Agra district. Basauni...

Boy pushes pencil down his throat imitating sword-swallowing actors

A seven-year-old boy pushed a seven-inch sharp pencil down his throat while he was trying to mimic the sword-swallowing actors he had seen...

Parents left speechless as 10-week-old baby repeats ‘I love you’

A 10-week-old infant has amazed his parents after repeating ‘I love you’ next to mother as so the viewers of the viral clip. The...

Crocodile spotted casually walking on highway

A video went viral on social media platforms which showed a 10-feet-long crocodile was casually walking on a highway in India’s Madhya Pradesh. The reptile...

Mother digs tunnel to free convicted son from prison

Truth is stranger than fiction and proving that could be a Ukrainian mother who dug her son a 35-feet-long undergound tunnel to assist him...

Bride runs away after promising marriage in Shahkot

Bride runs away after promising marriage in Shahkot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBwi98eEghQ