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Republic of fear By Fahd Husain

SMELL the dread. Inhale the disquietude. Absorb the angst. Something rumbles on the horizon. Welcome to the republic of fear. The Judge demands a corpse to...

Ministry of Magic By Fahd Husain

THE Promised Land is within sight. Shimmering on the horizon, it beckons the believers to shuffle ahead one step at a time with hungry eyes...

Here comes trouble By Fahd Husain

THUS tweeted the prime minister: “Today must be a great disappointment to those who expected the country to be destabilised by a clash of institutions....

What went wrong? By Fahd Husain

ALL is not well with the government. Fifteen months ago, the PTI swept into power riding an avalanche of hope. Today, it is burdened...

Rumble in the jungle By Fahd Husain

WHEN life swings a left punch, you better duck in time. Maulana Fazlur Rehman swept into Islamabad in Ghaznavi-isque style. Riding atop a mechanical elephant-on-wheels,...

Here comes the maulana By Fahd Husain

YOU can define seven kilometres in so many delightful ways. Seven kilometres is 275,591 inches unrolled; 7km is 87.5 minutes of journey if walked...