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Public education priorities – Dr Ayesha Razzaque

The writer is an independent education researcher and consultant. She has a PhD in Education from Michigan State University. Over the course of my work,...

Dragging us back down – Dr Ayesha Razzaque

I have been following the progress of the unified education system and Single National Curriculum (SNC) that the PTI government campaigned on (with very...

Reform by whim – Dr Ayesha Razzaque

Sometime in the late 90s, when I was nearing graduation at UET Taxila, we got the news that the government is adding memorization of...

VCRs, iPhones and face masks – Dr Ayesha Razzaque

The government’s narrative remains the same: we can either protect lives or livelihoods and, considering everything, it is livelihoods that will be protected. For the...