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Genocide of TVs – Humayun Gauhar

It was a classic case of killing the messenger because they didn’t like the message. The messenger was the television sets that belonged to...

Yaum-e-Qadeer – Humayun Gauhar

Every country needs its heroes, and Pakistan is no exception. If they don’t have one, they manufacture one. But that’s part of human nature. One...

The death of the West – Humayun Gauhar

This is actually the name of a newish book by Patrick Buchanan, the American politician and writer who worked for three American presidents. In...

Muslims in danger – Humayun Gauhar

I am going out on a limb here. I told you last week that the events in Afghanistan and the Taliban takeover were fore...

Reality of the Doha deal – Humayun Gauhar

I am surprised by how many people the world over are falling for this US and Western media nonsense that the Taliban thrashed the...