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Dangerous delusions By Zahid Hussain

SPEAKING at a dinner for coalition lawmakers recently, the prime minister had boasted: “we are the only choice”. Maybe his words were meant to...

Justice on trial By Zahid Hussain

THE Supreme Court may have pushed back an attempt to undermine the independence of the judiciary by quashing a malicious presidential reference against a...

Complicity – Cyril Almeida

IT is to the enduring good luck and bad of this land that we aren’t very competent in what we do. Good luck because...

Digital natives – Neda Mulji

MANY parents return from a long day at work expecting to spend some quality time with their children. They do not receive the enthusiastic...

The regime – Cyril Almeida

BY now, it’s apparent to all — or at least to anyone willing to look — what this is. Gone are the fig leaves...