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Analysing the ceasefire – Asif Durrani

Any move that can push Pakistan and India away from the dangers of war offers a sense of relief, even if temporarily. The unique...

The Indian chronicles- Asif Durrani

The disclosures by EU DisinfoLab regarding India’s dubious use of media, NGOs, fake identities, impersonation and fraudulent use of big names to malign...

Trump’s withdrawal announcement and Afghan peace – Asif Durrani

Last Wednesday, President Trump’s Tweeter message sprang a surprise for everyone when he said that all U.S. forces?in Afghanistan should return home before...

UAE’s Decision: A Wakeup Call or Ground Reality? – Asif Durrani

UAE’s decision to recognize Israel although surprising was on expected lines as it had developed relationship with Israel for the past many years. Israeli...

Policing The Police – Sabbahuddin

Police in Pakistan is not only responsible for maintaining routine law and order but also shoulders additional responsibility of acting as the first line...

Kashmir and Impending Nuclear Holocaust – Asif Durrani

The former US President Bill Clinton described Kashmir as “nuclear flashpoint” after the Kargil mini-war between Pakistan and India. It happened at a time...