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Ahsan Khan delves into interior designing with his better half

Ahsan Khan is a versatile actor with a number of diverse roles to his credit and years of experience to back it up. He is...

Ahsan Khan and Amar Khan set to star in ‘Qayamat’

Ahsan Khan, who already owns the screens in his drama ‘Bandhe Ek Dour Se’ will be starring in a brand new signature series by...

Ahsan Khan and Ushna brace for the launch of ‘Bandhay Ek...

* Talking to Daily Times, Ahsan Khan said, 'My character is of a young, guy-next-door, happy-go-lucky, Umar, who always tries to always keep his...

Fight Between Mansha Pasha & Sadaf Kanwal

Fight Between Mansha Pasha & Sadaf Kanwal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bh1cdFWj_8

Ahsan Khan becomes Brand Ambassador for Human Development Foundation

When it comes to philanthropic activities, actor and host Ahsan Khan has always lent his whole hearted support to social causes. The fact is...