Taan | Episode 24


watch Drama Taan | Episode 24 on tv one – 2nd August 2016

Cast – Sana Askari, Tipu Sharif ( Syed Yorguc ), Hassan Niazi, Tahira Imam, Rehan Shaikh, Erum Akhtar, Shamim Hilali, Mujahid Abbas, Yasmeen Haq, Tipu – Adnan Shah, Salman Shahid, Ali Rizvi

Taan is a TV One serial. The story is the serial is based on Music and that is why it is named as “Taan.” The story of the serial is revolving around a music studio “Taan,” where students come to take music classes. In the studio, they have hired a couple of classic singers who teach classic music, but few students are not interested in Classic as they find in boring. They have more interest in pop music. To know more about this innovative serial, you can watch it here at VIDPK. Taan is a totally different serial as compared to regular ones, so everyone should watch it.