Syrian ‘Shawarma guy’ brings authentic Arabic food to Pakistan


Islamabad: Abu Amir was too busy cutting the fresh slices of meat for shawarma to notice the queue around his food stand “Syrian Taste”. The queue was getting longer by every minute at the stall located in Islamabad’s classy F-10 area. “Yalla finished” he announced humbly. “Please come back tomorrow,” he comforted them.

As he was working on the orders, a young customer asked: “You are Abu Amir, right? The Syrian Shawarma guy?” Abu Amir looked up and nodded. “Can I please get a selfie with you?” the customer requested. “Oh sure, brother, come, come,” replied the food stall owner, donning a white robe and matching headdress. “I heard a lot about this guy on social media and came to taste authentic Arabic food. Shawarma is already finished but at least I got a selfie with Chef Abu Amir,” Atif Rehman, 26, told Gulf News. “You are most welcome in Pakistan,” Atif told the Syrian chef as he shook his hands.

The way Abu Amir greeted his customers and the love and respect he has garnered from people was proof that this Syrian refugee is already a celebrity chef in Pakistan.