Startup digitising repair works


Every year the world goes gaga over the launch of latest generation mobile phones and laptops as their specifications trigger debates among ardent fans and tech geeks. Meanwhile a related business — that of electronics repair, which in itself is quite sizable — gets little attention. But for a local startup, that hasn’t been a deterrent. is a startup from Lahore that provides a cloud-based point of sale system for repair shops. A one-stop shop for the industry, the software does everything from issuing tickets to managing inventory. It can also send SMS notifications, has a customer relationship management as well as bill payments feature.

All one has to do is sign up (using a contact form) and once the credentials are available, the system digitises pretty much all the operations. You can choose the type of business (mobile, console, computer etc), start a shift and record sales, create invoices, issue gift or loyalty cards, manage expenses, even create a marketing campaign or check performance reports.

Given the local repair market is not particularly keen on the use of technology in day-to-day business operations (while ironically handling extremely sophisticated products at the same time), the startup has kept its sales efforts directed to the more developed countries where they have gotten clients in quadruple digits.