Some elements have started receiving funds from Afghanistan, reveals Arif Hameed Bhatti


Lahore: Senior investigative journalist Arif Hameed Bhatti on Tuesday stated that some elements have started receiving funds from Afghanistan.
Analyzing country’s turbulent political landscape in the wake of mega-gathering of joint-opposition, Mr. Bhatti stated that Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) leader Pervaiz Rasheed is super active behind the curtails.

“Every political outfit has right to stage protest rallies but don’t promote such narratives that become a threat for country’s sovereignty”, the analyst was quoted as saying.

“In the upcoming days, efforts will be made to re-launch Mazoor Pashteen, Mohsin Dawar and Mahmood Khan Achakzai to promote specific narrative.

Commenting on recent huddle between politburos of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Peoples Party(PPP), Mr. Bhatti stated that both parties were making all-out efforts to secure a deal. The analyst observed that vision of Shehbaz’s stands parallel to that of Maryam Nawaz.

Mr. Bhatti observed that both PML-N and PPP do not want to make Fazl a hero of anti-govt movement. “Bilawal stated that PPP won’t become part of using religious card in politics”, added Mr. Bhatti.

The analyst concluded that PPP and PML-N have agreed upon launching separate movements against the govt in Sindh and Punjab respectively.