‘Shut all Zoos’: Hamza Abbasi speaks up against animal cruelty


Pakistan’s acclaimed actor turned religious scholar, Hamza Ali Abbasi has raised voice against animal cruelty and demanded relevant authorities to shut down zoos.
According to details, the 36-year old actor expressed displeasure about how the animals in Pakistani zoos are being treated and demanded closure of zoos in Pakistan.

Taking to twitter he wrote, “IHC rules that zoos are concentration camps for non-human living beings. It’s true. Caging animals for public entertainment is CRUEL & EVIL. Pakistan has a chance to earn respect of the world & make God happy by freeing all the animals in captivity & #CloseAllPakZoos PLEASE!”

The actor further requested his followers to raise voices if they agree with him.

“If you agree, please be the voice for those who can’t speak for themselves and make this hashtag trend for as long as we can so maybe someone in the decision making arena may listen especially after IHC ruling,” he quoted.