shortest Bride And groom of the century


Their wedding was simple and frugal and yet it was the talk of the town. The marriage, held at Meerut’s Dhawai Nagar in Nauchandi area, was unusual in the sense that the groom stood three feet in height and his wife was of the same stature.

The ‘nikaah’, on Saturday, was attended by inquisitive guests who maintained safety protocols during the wedding.

The groom was Feroz, 25, and his bride Zainab, 22, seemed a perfect match.

“I never imagined I would get married because my height was a major shortcoming. When my father told me about Zainab, I was happy. I can now live my life without any complexes because my wife is there for me,” said a delighted Feroz.

Riazuddin, father of Feroz, said that the match was “Allah’s gift”.

“When the proposal came, I could not believe that my son has got such a perfect match. I immediately agreed and I am happy for the newlyweds,” he said.