Shoaib Akhtar slams PSL6 anthem, claims he could have sung it better


Shoaib Akhtar has slammed the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for Pakistan Super League (PSL) 6 anthem Groove Mera, claiming that he could have sung it better.

The Rawalpindi Express has said that Groove Mera is the “worst anthem” ever.

“If the 10 worst songs of the PSL are compiled, this song will be number one. Do you have any shame?” questioned the former cricketer.

In a video posted to his YouTube Channel, Akhtar said that his children are also scared of the song so he uses it to make them sleep.

“My kids are scared of this song. When they don’t sleep, I tell them I’ll play it for them. That immediately scares them,” he said.

Akhtar continued: “I failed to understand the lyrics of the song or the song itself. What does groove mean? What is a groove? I am sure even the singers did not know the meaning of the word groove.”