Sarwat Gilani responds to criticism for praising Alia Bhatt


Sarwat Gilani responds to criticism for praising Alia Bhatt

Churails actor Sarwat Gillani recently took to Instagram to let her fans know that her praise will not be confined by borders. She was replying to a comment by a fan asking her why Pakistani celebrities sing praises of Bollywood actors even though, according to the fan, they are much more talented than their Indian counterparts.

The fan wrote, “Ma’am, aap log khud ko itna kyun giraate hain Bollywood waalon ke saamney? Alia Bhatt se aap 10,000 guna best actress hain, aap ke interview dekh ke hum motivate hote hain, aur aap khamkha wahan ja kar likhti hain ke ‘mein aapki bohot bari fan hun’ etc (Ma’am, why do you people fall to your knees in front of Bollywood celebrities? You are 10,000 times better than Alia Bhatt at acting. We get motivated after watching your interviews and you go and write things like ‘I am a big fan of yours’ on their posts for no reason). This is not fair.”

Gillani replied to the fan saying, “We must learn to appreciate the people who deserve our praise. You don’t know how hard they’ve worked to get where they are. Alia Bhatt is an amazing artist and praise knows no boundaries or borders.”

The starlet isn’t the first to share a fan moment with a Bollywood celeb and praise has come in from the other side of the border as well. Veteran actor Simi Raheel recently took to Instagram to share a sweet moment between her and iconic Bollywood actor and comedian Johnny Lever.

She shared two screenshots of her video chat with the 90s icon, gushing over how good it felt to receive praise from Johnny, who she said she is a huge fan. The Khuda Ke Liye actor captioned the post saying, “When an Indian film legend calls you to tell you they loved a character you played, it’s a ‘wow omg’ moment! Johnny Lever, who I am a fan of, spoke about his love for my work and it was a huge moment for me! Thank you, Johnny Lever. You are a fine actor and I am a huge fan.”