Sabeeka Imam takes a jibe at Azaan Sami Khan making acting debut


news of musician Azaan Sami Khan making his acting debut made the rounds on social media. The rumours were later confirmed when it was announced that the Superstar composer will indeed feature in a project titled Ishq-e-Laa, starring actors Sajal Aly and Yumna Zaidi.

Many are waiting anxiously for the upcoming drama serial, including the A-listers. However, not everyone is ecstatic over Azaan heading to the small screen. Model Sabeeka Imam took to Twitter and shared her stance on how talent isn’t a necessity when everything can be “handed to you in a plate”.

She wrote, “So it seems like you need zero onscreen acting experience and you could also debut with both the amazing Yumna and Sajal,” Taking a jibe at Azaan, Sabeeka added, “Mujhe bhi itni hi achi luck chahiye (I, too, want a luck as good) where I don’t have to earn it or prove myself first and it just gets handed to me on a plate!”