Punjab Police faced with unusual command crisis


The Punjab Police faces an unusual situation as the provincial government, following the dictates of a federal adviser, has appointed new CCPO Lahore without the consent of the Inspector General Punjab.

What has made things tricky is the alleged talk of the newly appointed CCPO against the IG. The IG Punjab is seriously upset and approached Prime Minister Imran Khan to convey his disappointment over the appointment besides telling the premier what his junior said against him while speaking to a police gathering in Lahore.

Everyone who matters in the Punjab Police as well as senior members of bureaucracy in Lahore are aware of this unusual situation. With their fingers crossed, most of these officers are waiting to see who between the two will survive. “One has to go,” a source said, adding that the decision will be made by the prime minister.

Informed sources said that on the intervention of a federal adviser, the Punjab chief minister approved the appointment of Umar Shaikh as CCPO Lahore, who leads 35,000 police force and 85 police stations of the provincial capital.