PTI govt mulls reducing prices of four major pulses


The federal government is mulling over fixing the rates (indicative price) of four major pulses to provide relief to the common man from skyrocketing inflation, it has been learnt.

According to sources, the move also aims to shrink the whopping Rs1 billion import bill by increasing local production of these pulses.
The expected rates per kilogramme of the four pulses are: Dal Chana Rs90, Dal Masoor Rs120, Dal Moong Rs100 and Dal Mash Rs145, as per the sources.

Utility Stores: Prices of pulses send pulse racing

The Ministry of National Food Security and Research is taking into account the production cost and profit of farmers before fixing the indicative price of these pulses.

The sources said the Pakistan Agricultural Storage and Services Corporation (PASSCO) would purchase 30% of the total locally produced pulses. After acquiring the commodity from the farmers, Passco would store them in its go-downs.

The corporation would then supply the pulses to the utility stores at rates lower than in the market.

The measure would slightly ease the burden of the public at large as increase in prices of all essential items has made it difficult for them to make ends meet.