PML-N facing frustration since sugar report made public


(Karachi) Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Shibli Faraz has said that PML-N leadership is facing frustration since the sugar report was made public.

In a tweet on Friday, he said, “Ahsan Iqbal is advocating for sugar mafia. He knows his party leadership is the head of this mafia.”

Faraz maintained, “Everything about the matter will become clear within three months and the nation will know how they were looted.” He expressed hope that people will soon get sugar on cheap rates.

The Sugar Inquiry Commission has accused sugar mills of acting like a cartel and engaging in massive wrongdoings ranging from cane procurement, estimating in cost of production, tax evasion, price hike through manipulation, suspicious export to Afghanistan, Benani sale, illegal capacity enhancement, and illegal power production.

The report has recommended ‘serious’ action against over four dozen key middlemen, unregistered buyers, entities, and sugar mill owners who allegedly made billions illegally.