PM Imran Khan for joint efforts to tackle drug and child abuse


Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday said cancerous threats of drug and child abuse could not be defeated unless collective efforts were made by all strata of the society, and stressed upon wider and effective mass awareness in this regard.

He underlined that the society had not yet been realising the dangers posed by the two challenges, which could have alarming impacts upon the younger generation of the country. The prime minister was addressing the launching ceremony of “Zindagi” app developed by the Ministry of Narcotics Control to create mass awareness and prevent the drug use in young generation.

Referring to the drug abuse in educational institutions, he said the vulnerableyouth fall victim to the evil due to their immaturity. Similarly, the shameful child abuse was turning out to be an endemic as the victim families did not want to highlight the issues out of social taboos, he added.

Imran Khan noted that the introduction of new technology like use of smartphones was not only helping in the creation of mass awareness, but also worsening the risks posed by the evils. He said the government had decided on emergency basis to tackle the evils with full force and emphasised that the parents, educational institutions and Ulema should play their critical role in the mass awareness against them and their prevention.

The prime minister said the launching of the Zindagi app would help realise the parents about the dangers of twin threats emanating from the drug and child abuse, observing that the teachers would have a leading role in that regard. He called upon the whole society to play their role in making collective efforts through intensive awareness and prevention measures.

Imran Khan said he was alarmed with the reports presented by the inspectors general of police Islamabad and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa about the use of ice drug by the students of elite schools. The prime minister said the evils could destroy the future of younger generation as the nascent youth were kept on switching from one drug to other.

Appreciating the efforts of Ministry of Narcotics Control, the prime minister said the app’s launch would definitely contribute to the efforts made at the national level to efface the threats posed by the issues.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan said the government was striving to introduce a uniform curriculum in the country to eliminate current education-based discrimination in the society.

He said the promotion of human resource and development was a big challenge in the presence of three different education systems. The prime minister was talking to a delegation of students from Business Administration Department of Virginia University, who were currently on a visit to Pakistan to have first-hand information about the potential of business and tourism in the country.

During the interactive meeting, matters relating to challenges faced by the country, reforms agenda of the present government, positive aspects of Pakistani society, existing potential of country in diverse sectors, economic challenges facing the country and the future strategy, were discussed.