Pakistani celebs condemn Israeli attacks in Palestine


Pakistani celebs condemn Israeli attacks in Palestine

Several Palestinians were killed in an Israeli air raid in the violence-torn Gaza Strip prompting international outcry, including from Pakistani celebs like Saba Qamar, Feroze Khan, Asim Azhar among others. 

Taking to Twitter on May 8 to condemn Israel’s atrocities that left nine Palestinians, including three children dead, Azhar wrote, “I am sickened & disgusted. How can you attack a place of worship and attack defenseless worshippers?”

“And yet again, the world will stay silent on Israel’s continuous oppression on Palestine. Ya Allah reham!” he added.

Actor Saba Qamar on the other hand shared a picture of a Palestinian child on her Instagram stories with the message, “Let Palestine Breathe.”

Singer turned actor Farhan Saeed turned to Twitter to call out the Israeli oppression, tweeting, “The world’s deafening silence is criminal! How can the international community sit back and watch this happen? This IS terrorism!”

Actor Neelam Muneer Khan also shared a lengthy prayer for Kashmir and Palestine on her own Instagram account. “Ya ALLAH (SWT) give freedom to Kashmir, Phalstine (Palestine) and grant protection to all the Muslims around the world from evil and enemies of Islam,” she wrote.

She went on to pray: “Ya Allah grant heaven to those who were killed. Ya Allah make us true Muslims and make Islam shine all around the world. Ya Allah grant us the best of this world and the best of the hereafter.”

Feroze Khan also added to the trending hashtag on Twitter with his tweet that simply read, “#IsraeliAttackonAlAqsa.”

Mahira Khan shared a post explaining how to be an ally with Palestie during this hard time on her own Instagram story as well.