Pakistani celebrities put spotlight on mental health


Mahira Khan Pakistan’s most influential actor took to her Twitter and shared : “Why have we made it cool to be ‘straight-up’? That isn’t honesty; it’s downright apathy! Be kind and proud. Wear it like a badge. Be kind. Be kind. Be kind. There is much more to people than they show. Be kind!”

Zara Noor Abbas, opened up about how people are judged by society: “You keep things to yourself as you are always thrown by what people will interpret it as. That fear is what makes you sulk deep into the darkness. So just before you make a judgement about someone, STOP and think about the inner battle that they are constantly fighting.”

Hamza Ali Abbasi also urged everyone to be kind to others, he tweeted, “Be kind to others, to your family, to the weak, to the poor. Give charity. Know that the real-life is about to start after the transition we call death. All peace comes from God.”