Pakistan at the mercy of a cyclone of serious crises – Senator A Rehman Malik


It is very disturbing for every Pakistani to see our nation having been trapped in a cyclone that has struck our economy and politics through foreign aggression, especially by India and Israel. The people of Pakistan had high hopes that the new government would take the country out of crisis and my statement is part of record that a tsunami is a symbol of destruction and hence one should expect nothing constructive from a tsunami and it does not bring any relief or positivity in the region or on a particular soil. It is unfortunate to note that this cyclone is not decreasing its grip but is increasing with every passing day and the common man is the one who is most affected. We as a nation have not made any plausible arrangements to face this cyclone and to deal with its aftermath effects and destruction. There is no effective roadmap to help the country recover from multiple issues and challenges. I will touch upon a few issues which are becoming a major source of further weakening the country and are being done with a pre-planned conspiracy against Pakistan. I had predicted in early 2019 both on the media and on the floor of the house of the Senate that the rupee would fall sharply as low as Rs160 against the dollar. The nation had never thought that Pakistani currency would witness so much devaluation as it has badly affected public life. The prices of common commodities and necessities of life have already touched unprecedented levels. Inflation level is at a record high level in the history of Pakistan with a shift increase in unemployment and recession. I had proposed that there should be a separate slab for the poor in the national economy to make their life better by issuing special cards for rationing of electricity and gas. International devolution of the local currency was made to increase the exports but in Pakistan, it was only made at the behest of the IMF due to which every segment of society suffered a lot. The government completely failed to control the price hike and in the coming days rising inflation will bring more suffering to the people of Pakistan and this economic vortex is going to damage further. The government should eliminate poverty, not the poor.

Among the other issues is Indian ongoing aggression across Line of Control about which I have been urging the government of Pakistan to take the case of continuous unprovoked Indian aggression across LoC and targeting civilian population to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Pakistan should have taken the international community into confidence about Indian anti-Pakistan war plans, ongoing consistent LOC violations, and high-level drone spying violence. Actually, India is trying to push the world towards WW-III as at the same time Modi had been threatening Pakistan, interfering in Nepal, carried out terrorist activities in Sri Lanka, and also escalated tension with China but India must not forget that any such initiatives of war will be dangerous for this region and the loser will be India. Arnab Goswami and Disinfolab EU revelations have exposed the real face of the BJP and Narendra Modi before the world and the proven facts of Indian Prime Minister Modi allegations against our sovereign state duly confirmed by Arnab Goswami is a part of UN record for necessary legal proceedings against Narendra Modi. The government should proceed against him and India in the UN and ICJ. Earlier in February 2019, I had warned that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was using five tactics in his election campaign to win the polls. These were to escalate Pak-India tension at the border, to create a war-like situation, to instigate Hindu-Muslim clashes, to create the impression of surgical strikes, and to carry out a few Pulwama-like attacks to reverse his sagging popularity among the Indian voters. After coming into power, one by one, all of his predictions proved to be true. Whereas, Prime Minister Imran Khan had hoped that he thinks there will be a better chance of peace talks with India and some kind of settlement in Kashmir if Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) wins the Indian general election. I had categorically disagreed with such an assumption and had stated on record that PM Modi will emerge more lethal if he becomes PM for the second time and unfortunate is our region which received more threats after Narendra Modi assumed charge as prime minister of India for his second term. He further worsened the Kashmir cause and caused more suffering to the oppressed people of Indian Occupied Kashmir. In my book “Modi’s War Doctrine”, chapters twenty-four and twenty-five pages 136 to 144 has assessed before Indian general elections that:

India will create the hype through the media and they would like to intensify the situation on various fronts i.e. Trade, foreign policy, blockade of water, etc.

India will try to isolate Pakistan internationally.

India will generate massive propaganda against Pakistan as a terrorist state and the Afghan Government may join India in the said propaganda.

India may lobby before the international community to damage Pakistan’s reputation in the FATF, the ICJ, and UNSC where important cases of Pakistan are discussed.

India may go for limited escalation on LOC particularly in IoK, and may make some surgical strikes in the near future; as face-saving for the hard statements made by PM Modi.

India may engineer some terrorist attacks via Afghanistan as they have good ingress both in Taliban and NDS.

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India has developed a massive cyber force of IT professionals after Indian cybersecurity policy 2013.

India can launch cyber-attacks as punitive measures on the State Bank of Pakistan, NBP, MoD, and MoFA official sites to embarrass Pakistan.

After the Arnab Goswami revelations and Indian Chronicles by DISINFOLAB EU, all of the above proved correct. We are further under world pressure in several cases where the mind was not applied while signing the foreign agreements and now these agreements are becoming a serious burden on the economy of Pakistan and bringing bad name to the country.

The sword of FATF continues to hang over our heads as it has decided to keep the country on its ‘grey list’ until February 2021 and has warned Pakistan to swiftly complete its full action plan by February 2021. The nation is still unaware of the facts as to what steps have been taken to counter it.

It is pertinent to mention here that America is not likely to make some feasible and favourable gestures to Pakistan for the services Pakistan extended to America during the war on terror; we have lost more than 60 thousand troops and civilians with a direct and indirect economic loss of more than $126.79 billion and huge damages to basic infrastructure.

Besides all the above, there is constant internal uncertainty and political destabilisation, and continued polarisation and it is a fact that a nation becomes strong and formidable only if there are unity and political stability and harmonisation. Unfortunately, our nation stands divided and polarised from petty political issues to matters of great national interest. Today we witness internal political parties fighting each other on war footing, which is creating a serious negative impact on the country. Several times, I have advised the Prime Minister that he should give away his ego, come forward and reduce this political polarisation in the country as there is always a solution to every problem unless one is serious to find out the solution but the government lacks the capability of bringing all political parties on the same table on national issues even.

The internal and global growing situation warrants internal unity to overcome national crisis. The government alone in fact, will be wasting time to put the situation right in the given circumstances. We need to work out a way forward to get out of the crises that are making the life of a common man miserable and unbearable.