Nawaz Sharif’s reports sent to special medical board


Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid sent former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s medical reports to a special medical board on Thursday for seeking an expert opinion.

Nawaz Sharif’s family had shared his medical reports with the Pakistan High Commission in the UK, which were dispatched to the Punjab government and received by the Home Department.

Dr Adnan Khan, Nawaz Sharif’s personal physician, had also publicly shared Nawaz Sharif’s medical reports through the social media.

The Punjab government had sought Nawaz Sharif’s medical reports from the family after federal government expressed its displeasure at the leaked photo of Nawaz Sharif having food, along with his family members, at a London restaurant, which went viral on the social media.

On Thursday, the Punjab health minister confirmed receiving Nawaz Sharif’s reports, which had been forwarded to the 10-member special medical board. The board was constituted by the Punjab government for treatment of Nawaz Sharif during his admission to Services Hospital Lahore before his leaving for London for further specialised treatment.

She said the Punjab government had directed the special medical board to convene its meeting on emergent basis to review the medical reports and give its opinion. It will enable the Punjab government to decide whether or not Nawaz Sharif should be given an extension in the period of his treatment abroad.