Musharraf Zaidi talks to ’11th Hour’ host on Lahore blast incident


Musharraf Zaidi talks to ’11th Hour’ host on Lahore blast incident

  • Malik Muhammad Hayat

    We are definitely passing through very difficult times of our history. But at the same time, my belief is that we should not lose heart. We should plan to do away with petty differences of opinions and concenterate upon matters of national interest. I honestly feel Nawaz (Not sharif) is deliberately acting to save himself even if (God forbid)it is at the cost 0f our beloved country.
    I am aged about 78 and was a student of class iii at the time of partition. I am a witness to all ups and downs seen by my beloved Pakistan since after its creation. I am 100 percent sure we shall get through these crisis also very soon. JIT has done a historic task.
    I have worked for some months in East Pakistan also. Alas! we lost those brothers and sisters, who were at the forefront during the freedom movement ,through our own mistakes. Greed of Yahya Khan to stay in power and unfortunate collaboration of ZAB becamme the sole cause.

    Had an East Pakistani become the Prime Minister of Pakistan, heavens would have not fallen. Anyhow it is reallity of history now. I can forgive ,to a large extent, ZAB by the efforts he made to make Pakistan a nuclear power later on. The way he broght in Dr Qadeer and the efforts he made to arrange funds for that gigantic task are surely commendable.

    Zardari is a thief. His hunger for money is unquenchable. I know him since the days he was at cadet college Patharo. He betrayed Benazir and Bhutto family.May Allah give him a matching reward of his misdeeds!